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The Košice region locale, and the whole of Eastern Slovakia in its wider range, is peppered with interesting monuments and sites that are hallmarked as the world heritage. Košice with its metropolitan railway and coach stations and the international airport is a natural centre of the whole region, thus a preferred starting point for visitors. They may comfortably get to as many as 18 Slovak sites included in the UNESCO List of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage within 100 minutes by car. Quick accessibility of those sites, their historical, aesthetic, and cultural significance, makes the Košice region an inspirational place ideal for a gorgeous spending one’s leisure.

Zorientujte sa vo svojom okolí

Navštívte 18 neuveriteľných víkendových miest východného Slovenska, zapísaných do zoznamu svetového dedičstva UNESCO. Všetky sú autom dostupné z Košíc do cca 100 minút.
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